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Harper's Corner

Harper's Corner -

Welcome to Harper's Storage

Your all in one rentals and storage solutions provider!

Large Units

Don't panic we have got the right space.
Our Large Units are perfect for your every need!

Safe Lockers

Nothing can be much safer than our safe lockers for your goods.
It is just the right place to put your trust on.

Storage Tips

Confused in selecting the type of storage unit?
Don't worry our experts will help you in selecting your perfect slot.

harpers corner

Diversity. Equality. Unity.

And the only main goal is we need you to be Satisfied!

We have the best facility!

With the perfect storage units that fit your needs.
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Harper’s Corner offers Brigham City or nearby neighbor areas a secure, safe and clean storage. 

Our staff is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable to handle all your storage needs. 

And the only main goal is we need you to be Satisfied

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